TDLR to Offer Virtual Written Exam for Athletic Trainers

September 1st, 2021

In addition to our traditional written examinations offered at 22 site locations across Texas, effective September 1, 2021, PSI will begin to offer Athletic Trainer written examinations through a virtual online process. This process, known as E-Exams will allow for a faster, safer, and more convenient process for candidates to obtain a license from TDLR. 

E-Exams are conducted in a virtual environment that has a remote proctor utilizing secure and sophisticated technology to observe the test taker by using their own computer, webcam video, and audio to confirm their identity and allow the candidate to complete the required licensing examination in a controlled environment.

To view a demo of testing from your own personal laptop or desktop computer visit:

Click here to schedule your Athletic Trainer E-exam with PSI:

View the Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) for complete examination requirements and information at:

Texas Athletic Trainers Examination Requirements

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