Do you know an amazing Athletic Trainer? One who does their job to the best of their abilities…everyday? Whom impacts their athletes season after season? Who is a great example for others? WE ALL DO!!!

TSATA wants to recognize Athletic Trainers from around the state, for their day-to-day endeavors of the “Athletic Training Life’. Their actions do not need to be anything award-worthy, or that goes above & beyond their ‘normal’ job duties… they just need to be a great Athletic Trainer. Let’s recognize individuals for their outstanding service though his/her work ethic, exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. By nature, Athletic Trainers do not seek out attention, but this recognition is an honorary pat on the back and letting other Athletic Trainers, statewide, know. This ‘spotlight’ is a good way for ATs around the state to get and know people, they would not normally see or meet.

Send in an Athletic Trainer Spotlight Nomination Form into your TSATA Regional Representative and they will submit a worthy Athletic Trainer from your region. That person will receive a highly sought out certificate to dis- play and recognition on Facebook, Twitter (@tsata_team), Instagram (tsata_team) & here on the TSATA website.

Nominations: May & November
Recognition: June & December

The following link takes you to a google docs form to nominate someone:

June 2020 Recipients

Region 1 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Emilio Araujo, Coronado High School

“Emilio Araujo has been a loyal friend and colleague for many years. He shows amazing professionalism, care, and dedication to his student athletes. He currently works at Coronado HS in El Paso, TX (5 years) and previously worked at Irvin HS (8 years.) Emilio has served our profession with the highest distinction and his reputation as an athletic trainer is unsurpassed. He is the current President of the Sun City Athletic Trainers Association and has served in this role in the past. His tireless promotion of the athletic training profession is evident to those around him and throughout our community.” – Michelle Moe-Villa

Region 2 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Ryan Johnson, Angelo State University

“Ryan is currently on the AT staff at Angelo State and has been there since we met in 2016. I have known Ryan for about 5 years now. He is truly one of a kind. He is one of the hardest workers I have met and does whatever is asked of him. We got to Angelo State at the same time and I can truly say he helped shape me into the Athletic Trainer I am today. Ryan and I really bonded over our love for rodeo and helping the Justin healers. During his time at Angelo he has been a part of the LSC Athletic Training Staff of the year for 2016-17 and 2018-19 years. While in college he wrote a thesis on concussions that can be found on the Winthrop University digital commons and helped rewrite the concussion policy at Angelo. He is truly a humble individual who touches the lives of all he meets. I could not think of a better individual to get a “shout out” too.” – Meaghan Schrader, Midland HS

Region 3 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Christian Aviles, River Road High School

“Christian works tirelessly with his River Road kids and goes above and beyond to make visiting Athletic Trainers comfortable and have what they need when they visit River Road. Christian is also a great father and husband, taking care of his wife and 5 kids. Christian has not only had to take care of his own athletes during this time of COVID-19, but also himself sustaining a knee injury of his own that required surgery. Christian has and always will do all he can to take care of his own and any athletes that are playing at River Road that needs his assistance. Christian has also been involved with getting his athletes back involved with strength and conditioning, etc., now that the athletes can get back to working out. Christian is a gentleman and professional that we could all aspire to be more like.” – Jeremy Davis

Region 4 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Kendall Goldberg, Baylor Scott & White for Rehabilitation

“Dedicated, advocate and empathetic are characteristics that Kendall presents as she works in the Baylor Scott & White for Rehabilitation. Her advocating for Athletic Trainers to work in various settings has created a healthy relationship wit all health personnel and created many other outreach organizations to restructure their programs. Her leadership is one of the many steppingstones that make an impact in the Athletic Training for Texas.” – Lydia Kim, Baylor Scott & White for Rehabilitation – Sports Health

“Kendall is a tireless worker who is very involved and loves her profession. She has already been elected to the SWATA Board at a very young age.” – Mike Carroll, Graham HS

Region 5 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Bryan Trotty, Nacogdoches HS/ISD

“Bryan is an exceptional human being who by the grace of God was deemed an Athletic Trainer. His student-athletes quietly seek him out as a father-figure while still in jest call him a ‘grumpy old man’. He has served as a proxy senior parent to many of his student-athletes and SATs. Bryan humbly leads with reserve and respect. Our graduate students constantly seek him out for a full-semester clinical experience. I am enamored by his ability to make connections to all people in his workplace.” – Linda Bobo, Stephen F. Austin State University

Region 6 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Bill Wissen, Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (Sugar Land)

To Bill and all the ATs that worked on patients during codes, placed deceased in body bags, ‘Proning’ teams 24/7 and assisted staff in critical care of COVID-19 patients. “The contribution is just awe inspired” – Cat Marr, Tomball High School

Region 7 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Jamie Woodall, Brenham HS/ISD

“Jamie is a proven professional for the Athletic Training Profession in Texas! She is spoken highly of by a Brenham community leader and has dedicated her abilities to Brenham ISD. Recently, Jamie and her husband Josh, have worked to create a draft COVID-19 return to sport guide for secondary schools based on current evidence/recommendations. Thank you for all you do!” – Jody Moore, Baylor Scott and White Health-Southwest Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics

Region 8 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Carla Heffner, Texas State University

“Carla Heffner has been both a clinical and educational athletic trainer for Texas State University Athletic Training program. She is currently the clinical education coordinator. Carla not only educates the next generation of AT’s she also provides game coverage for teams and high schools around Central Texas. Every January she and her committee organize a fabulous SWATA Competency Workshop for the AT students in D6. This has been very successful! D6 is lucky! Every spring she organizes a 5K run to remember one of the best ATs, David Gish, and donates funds for people that are battling cancer. She works quietly behind the scenes, but her impact is huge! She is very deserving of the TSATA Spotlight Award.”

Nominator: Britney Webb, Texas State University

Region 9 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Perez, Harlingen South HS

“Ronnie Perez an amazing athletic trainer who goes above and beyond for her student athletes and staff. She exudes positivity and is a true professional. She is known as Mama Doc to her athletes because of her ability to be caring and nurturing. Her strong work ethic, compassion, and passion for service above self-make her a model athletic trainer. She has done an exemplary job as the vice president and a committee member for the Valley Athletic Trainer’s Association and is a proven leader at Harlingen CISD. She is a great asset to the Rio Grande Valley and is the perfect advocate for our profession. What I enjoy the most about Ronnie is her positivity and willingness to help. She truly is a ray of sunshine.” – Jeff Darr


December 2018 Recipients

Region 1 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Patricio Jiron, Thomas Jefferson High School

“Patricio Jiron is currently one of two athletic trainers at Jefferson High School in El Paso, TX. He has tirelessly served his school and community for 6 years. He is a true hero to many at Jefferson and in the El Paso Independent School District. He is passionate about his profession and cares about his athlete’s health and wellbeing and providing them with quality health care.” – Michelle Moe

Region 2 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Sonya Mikeska, Midland College

“Sonya, is without a doubt one of the best athletic trainers I have ever been around. She is caring, knowledgeable, giving, a hard worker and an excellent friend to the profession and to me.” – John Overton

Region 3 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Mendy Wyatt, Director of Clinical Services at Lubbock Sports Medicine

“Mendy is the definition of a servant leader. It is rare, in our profession, to find someone that has such a passion for helping student-athletes. She visits multiple different high schools weekly to cover events and is always the team’s biggest fan and truly has the student’s best interest at heart! She is a constant uplifting force in our region and I’m proud to call her a friend.” – Josh Woolbright

Region 4 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Traci Randermann, Summit HS (in Mansfield ISD)

“Traci has been an amazing mentor to me as I transitioned into practice. She has also become an amazing friend. She’s full of love, life and knowledge. She is the definition of a great Athletic Trainer”.

Region 5 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Justin Hargrove, Northeast Texas Community College

“Justin is the quiet AT that makes this profession great. He is the AT that fills the roles he sees needing without being asked. He is an excellent Clinician and works hard to keep his athletes on the field/court. Justin has a full understanding of the time it takes to be a good Athletic Trainer and he exceeds it while still being a good husband and father. Justin is a great example for the entry level AT that is just starting out. I believe that Justin Hargrove is a well deserving nominee for this Spotlight Recognition.” – Red Ganus

Region 6 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Jenna Tubbs, Houston Methodist (Dickinson High School)

“Jenna provides compassionate and selfless service to all the athletes in Dickinson ISD. She has become family to that community and develops wonderful relationships with her athletes. Her caring attitude is seen daily and especially after Hurricane Harvey as she helped her athletes and community with more than just athletic training related job duties.” – Catherine Harris Marr

Region 7 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Keith Patterson, LaVega ISD (15 yrs)

Keith has represented the Athletic Training profession honorably since entering the profession. He is diligent in his care for his athletes always making sure they get the appropriate care they need. Not to mention, since being in Central Texas, Keith has been a mentor, friend and listening ear to numerous ATs across the area. Most of all, he is a dedicated family man! – Jody Moore

Region 8 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Dawn Allen, Leander High School

“Dawn is an amazing Athletic Trainer, but she is an even better colleague. She leads her district ATs with grace and is a friend to all. She is the example of a servant leader.”

Region 9 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Natali Coronado Herrera, Mercedes High School

“Natali is a great ambassador for the athletic training profession in the Rio Grande Valley and Texas. Her contributions to the Valley Athletic Training Association includes serving on the SPATS Committee, the Fill the Helmet Committee and leading the new Honor & Awards Committee. She gives her time, without complaint, to her student athletes and to advance her profession.”

June 2019 Recipients

Region 1 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Ben Snyder, HST/CTE Teacher at El Paso ISD Center for Career and Technology

In the past 4 years of being an Athletic Trainer/teacher he has had students place 4th in the AACI competition including last year’s national championship! This year in his new role he has had students place 1st in the local HOSA competition for sports medicine to compete at the state level! Area HOSA results: Sports Medicine – 3rd, Physical Therapy – 4th & 7th, Health Ed(sports med topic) – 1st, Health Photography – 2nd, and Healthy Lifestyle – 2nd. This year his students placed 3rd at the ACCI national competition, 2nd at the Sun City Athletic Trainers Association Student Athletic Training Competition. 5 students went to state HOSA and 2 placed 6th in sports medicine. Not only is he having success with his students, but Ben is also getting his DAT and just became and new dad! Talk about life balance!”

Nominator: Sadie Snyder

Region 2 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Jim Carlson, Physical Therapy Extra

Jim was one of the first Athletic Trainers to welcome me back to West Texas. He has always gone above and beyond to take care of the athletes of West Texas. He has served many positions within our Athletic Training family. He is always willing to help in any way possible.

Nominator: John Overton, Howard College

Region 3 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Sarah Baulch, Hereford HS

Sarah has made Hereford her home and cares for the student-athletes there like her own family. She is a staunch advocate for them, not only in the athletic training realm, but heads up the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chapter for the high school, as well. She also has done an amazing representation of “paying it forward” to the next generation of athletic trainers by developing a tremendous student education program and hosting of a sports medicine competition for high school students. She devotes herself to her student’s well being completely and we are proud to have her in our region!

Nominator: Josh Woolbright

Region 4 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Ed Chisholm

Ed has worked at FWCD for over 25 years. He works as the Head Athletic Trainer as well as an Associate Athletic Director. Ed is a great AT who is always willing to help a student in need, from his own school or an opposing team. Ed is always a phone call away for his fellow athletic trainers able to lend advice or help someone work through a problem. He is a very private guy who comes to work and gets done what needs to get done without asking for recognition.

A few years ago, before a sub varsity football game Ed helped save the life of one of his volleyball coaches who was having a pulmonary embolism. By recognizing the signs of medical stress and reacting to the symptoms he activated the EAP which was a key role in saving the man’s life.

Not many people may know about Ed Chisholm’s dedication to this profession as he works at a smaller private school, but his impact on student athletes, families and coaches’ lives is immeasurable.

Nominator: Alan Reid, MS, ATC, LAT, PES; Trinity Valley School

Region 5 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Vanessa Dockter

Vanessa goes above and beyond with her athletes and student trainers. One of the best middle school PE teachers as well. Not just a job to her, it is a passion.

Region 6 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Daniel Young, Katy Taylor High School

Daniel is the current president of GHATS and remarkably giving of his time; not only finding time for his family while juggling the busy schedule at Katy Taylor HS, our profession- serving GHATS & SWATA as well as church all the while being a greAT friend! Can’t say enough good things about him!

Nominator: ‘Cat’ Catherine Harris Marr, Tomball High School

Region 7 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Windee Killough Skrabanek, Temple HS

I have been lucky enough to call Windee my mentor and friend for the past 12 years. Her program at Temple High was my first exposure to the world of Athletic Training and her guidance is 100% why I chose this career field. I have always said that without Skrabanek I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. She ingrained responsibility, self-confidence, and compassion into me during some of my most important developmental years. I always strived to be just like her when I grew up, but even now that I’m working as an ATC; I still find myself looking up to her. Her passion for the profession and for her kids is unmatched and unwavering. She is one of my favorite people on this planet and I am so blessed to have her in my corner professionally and personally, even if I am wearing red on Friday nights!

Nominator: Shannon Marek, Belton HS

Region 8 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Deena Kilpatrick , San Antonio Fire Department

Determination in action. Deena is the future of our profession. She hasn’t left any situation derail her from furthering her career or the advancement of Athletic Training. She serves on multiple committees, has spoken at numerous conferences and is now the subject matter expert in the public safety setting. She is an inspiration to me/all.

Nominator: John Carollo, Marion HS

Region 9 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Erica Martinez, PSJA Southwest High School

Erica was a student athlete for PSJA ISD and has come full circle to work as an Athletic Trainer and give back to the community she grew up in. She is always ready to do her part to advance the profession whether creating a strong student program at her school or working in the past with the Valley Athletic Trainers Association as Historian.

Nominator: Jeff Darr, PSJA North High School

December 2019 Recipients

Region 1 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Lindsay Parrish, Eastlake High School

As long as I have known Lindsay, she has always had a reputation among her peers as a superior athletic trainer. She works tirelessly to get her athletes back on the court or field as soon as possible while striving to return them in better condition than they were before their injury. She insists that all her athletes complete a corrective therapy plan to improve their range of motion, strength, and proprioception. She treats all athletes with respect and dignity. Lindsay desires to improve the reputation of all athletic trainers by setting an exemplary example for all of us. I am proud to call Lindsay Parrish my colleague and my friend.

Nominator: Michelle Moe-Villa, Americas High School Athletic Trainer

Region 2 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Joel Birch, Pecos Barstow Toyah High School

I’ve known Joel since 1989 from our days at Angelo State. Joel is a hard-working guy but DOES NOT like to be in the spotlight whatsoever (we may not be friends after this)! Joel has been at PHS for 24 years and 27 years altogether as an AT. He teaches a Sports Medicine class as well as a few PE classes and always has a staff of students eager to help him. Joel is a stand up, very humble guy, never says “no” to anything asked of him and is well deserving of this “shout out”.

Nominator: Sonya Mikeska

Region 3 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Dr. LesLee Taylor

Dr. LesLee Taylor has dedicated her career to the betterment of the Athletic Training profession. Leslee has served on countless committees for both state and national athletic training organizations, most recently as the CAATE President. As the program director of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Allied Health Professions Master of Athletic Training Program since its beginning, Leslee has instructed and mentored hundreds of Certified Athletic Trainers currently working around the globe. In addition to her academic duties, she volunteers for numerous local organizations and even does some occasional per diem work. Perhaps one day, she will bottle her energy and determination and pass it along to the rest of us because I have no idea how she manages to do all the things she does.

Nominator: Mendy Wyatt

Region 4 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Greg Dykman, Dallas ISD: Forester Stadium

Greg Dykman is in his 30th year of employment with the Dallas Independent School District. Dykman is currently working as the Head Athletic Trainer at Forester Stadium, where he has served the athletes in the Pleasant Grove community since the 1989-90 school year. Dykman works directly with the six high schools and 10 middle schools in the area surrounding Forester Stadium.

Region 5 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Deirdre Scotter, Longview High School

Deirdre is the Athletic Trainer at Longview High school and in addition to always being friendly and helpful when you play against her, she is a wonderful Athletic Trainer. Recently Deirdre and her assistant AT saved the life of the Cross Country coach for LHS when he suffered a heart attack while on campus.

Nominator: Justin Hargrove

Region 6 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Cody Wade, Shadow Creek HS

Appreciate him and his staff stepping up and hosting this year’s GHATS.

Nominator: Catherine Marr

Region 7 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Bre’Layshia Hodges, Sportscare/S&W

I have been lucky enough to call Bre my friend and colleague for over 10 years. We met in the Temple High School Athletic Training Student Program and are a couple of the few who continued in the profession. I’ve been able to confide in her over the years about all the highs and lows of my career. She is so dedicated to her job and the kids she helps. She has been a huge asset to us at Belton High School as both an advocate for our athletes in her clinic and a helping hand when needed on the field. “No” is not a word in Bre’s vocabulary and she is very much appreciated for that! As Athletic Trainers, recognition is scarce. It’s my hope that nominating her will help her realize what a great Athletic Trainer she has grown up to be!

Nominator: Shannon Marek

Also, Bre has been an asset in the startup of CTATS as well. The organization wouldn’t be on its way forward without her. I am grateful for her help! – Jody Moore

Region 8 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Amanda Martinez

Amanda gives everything she has to both her SB and Soc girls. She holds her duties to the highest level to provide the patient center care for her athletes. All while being an amazing mentor/teacher to her students and GA’s.

Amanda is an outstanding AT and preceptor. She holds everyone to a high standard to make our profession better. She works tirelessly to make sure her athletes have the care they deserve. She is a shining star who wants the best for the AT profession, students and athletes.

Region 9 TSATA Spotlight Recipient

Robert Gonzalez, CC Moody High School

Robert has been an asset to Moody High School for the last 30 years. He prepares his student athletic trainers and coaching staff every year by providing prevention and care education in-services. He has mentored a great number of our young Athletic Trainers over his 30 year career. Robert has done an outstanding job for CCISD

Nominator: David Sanchez, CCISD District Head Athletic Trainer