Lead Athletic Trainer – Uvalde High School 8/18

August 18th, 2021

Uvalde High School

Uvalde CISD Athletic Trainer

Job Title: Lead Athletic Trainer
Length of Contract: 207 Days
Campus: Uvalde High School
Salary Range: $50,508 – $68,750
Lead Stipend: $10,000

Primary Purpose:
Plan, coordinate, and supervise all components of the athletic training program for student athletes. Also work with medical personnel to carry out activities in the following areas: prevention, evaluation, emergency treatment, physical reconditioning, and rehabilitation of injuries.

Bachelor’s degree
Valid license from Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Ability to provide injury prevention and rehabilitation services
Ability to provide emergency care
Knowledge of therapeutic modalities and ability to apply appropriate treatment to treat student
athletic injuries
Ability to instruct and supervise student athletes and assistants
Excellent organizational, communication, public relations and interpersonal skills
Experience as an athletic trainer preferred

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Program Management
1. Provide Athletic Training Services to student athletes under the direction of the team physician or by written referral from a physician, and in accordance with state athletic training practice act.
2. Maintain appropriate general treatment orders to be reviewed annually and approved by the team physician.
3. Provide athletic training services for all home athletic contests and away varsity football games. If a conflict arises between an away varsity football game and a home contest, the varsity football event will supersede.
4. Provide physical conditioning training to student athletes.
5. Fit injured athletes with specialized equipment and oversee its use.
6. Prepare athletes for games and practices by conducting evaluations and using tape, wraps, splints, braces, and other protective devices as needed.
7. Respond to emergencies and make quick, independent judgments about how to deal with injuries.
8. Identify acute injuries and provide first-aid triage, including assessing injuries and deciding whether an athlete should seek further medical attention and should discontinue participation in the athletic event.
9. Establish specific procedures to be carried out by a coach or student trainer in the event of a medical emergency.
10. Detect and resolve environmental risks to athletes.
11. Plan and put in place a comprehensive rehabilitation and reconditioning program for injuries and illnesses sustained by student athletes.
12. Determine therapeutic goals and objectives for individual athletes.
13. Apply therapeutic goals and objectives for individual athletes.
14. Evaluate and record rehabilitation progress of athletes. Develop criteria for progression and return to practice and competition.
15. Follow professional, ethical, and legal parameters regarding use of drugs and therapeutic agents for treatment and rehabilitation of injured athletes.
16. Coordinate scheduling of pre-participation athletic physical examinations and screening.
17. Select, train, and supervise student assistants.
18. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents including medical, accident, and treatment records as required.
19. Maintain an inventory of training supplies and equipment. Requisition additional supplies as needed.


Sarah J. Contreras 

Human Resources Coordinator

(830) 278-6655 ext. 1031

(830) 591-4927- fax

1000 N. Getty Street

Uvalde, Texas 78801

scontreras7944@uvaldecisd.net – email

To apply for this job email your details to scontreras7944@uvaldecisd.net