Athletic Trainer – Terrell High School 6/29

June 29th, 2022

Terrell High School

TISD Athletic Trainer
TITLE: TISD Athletic Trainer
REPORTS TO: Athletic Director

SUPERVISES: Assists Athletic Director, MS Liaison, Girls Coordinator, High School & Middle
School Principal with Rank One paperwork, Injuries and Emergency Paperwork
JOB GOAL: To carry out the aims and objectives of the overall Terrell ISD athletic program.
The Athletic Trainer shall function under the direction of the athletic director. The
Athletic Trainer shall be available for all high school sports played at home with the
exception of Varsity Football (which will always have a trainer at the site of the

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Treat, assist, or consult on any injury, which may occur in any sport, athletic event,
or extracurricular activity sponsored by Terrell ISD
2. Schedule visits with the feeder middle schools and be available to treat, rehabilitate
and work with parents and doctors with athletic injuries
3. Notify the athletic director when an athlete is transported by ambulance or parents
from an event or practice
4. Work closely with doctors in treating athletes and keep coaches informed as to
progress of athletes
5. Keep records of all injuries
6. Accompany (or see that a coach does) injured players to hospital or doctor when
leaving practice session or game under your supervision
7. Have on file a completed set of Rank One Forms, including a physical and parent
permission, for every athlete involved in a sport at that time
8. Responsible for a system of checking student clearance for play or practice in Rank
9. Responsible for the training and education of first aid, safety, CPR, concussion and
AED for all athletic staff on campus and feeder school
10. Be knowledgeable of the district’s current athletic insurance policy
11. Tournaments –Responsible for working when home school is playing. If a trainer
wants to work the other games, trainer may volunteer or payment should be made
by the individual school
12. Attend all workouts – start to finish
13. Attend all football games and home games in other sports
14. There should be a trainer on campus and accessible during the school day
15. Even though trainers do not teach, they are expected to follow a teacher‘s schedule
16. Trainers should be present any time a sport is still in practice
17. A trainer will attend all postseason contests, meets, or tournaments
18. Follow the chain of command when dissatisfied or has a complaint about an
athletic issue
19. Be available for any meetings and /or other duties as assigned by the the athletic

Starting base salary: $56,100
Stipend: $8,500 + 10 days
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