Athletic Trainer – Palmview High School 4/28

April 28th, 2022

Palmview High School

Athletic Trainer (2022-2023 School Year)

Description Job Title: Athletic Trainer

District Primary Purpose: To assist and promote La Joya ISD in implementing a rigorous
curriculum/instructional program that supports student success and achievement.
Department Primary Purpose: The mission of the LJISD Athletic Department, a partner in
academics and athletics, is to ensure and enhance the quality of life for the youth of our school
district by providing competitive activities. These activities will produce young men and woman
able to enter the community and become constructive, contributing members of society.
Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
Valid license form Texas Department of Health Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers.
Knowledgeable in the recognition, evaluation and treatment of injuries.
Knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology.
Certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency first aid.
Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Serve as a role model that exemplifies leadership, moral character, commitment,
sportsmanship, and dedication by modeling to athletes and coaching staff the same
behavior required of them in practice and competition.
2. Act as a resource person and consultant to coaches on conditioning programs, and the
fitting of athletic equipment.
3. Implement a program for physical examinations for all prospective athletes before their
first year of competition at the high school level.
4. Administer a program to provide emergency care, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured
athletes under direction and supervision of the team physician (this will be worked out by
training staff).
5. Establish specific procedures to be carried out by a coach and/or student trainer in the
event of an emergency when care of an athlete is needed (as decided by the staff).
6. Adhere to all athletes requesting to see the trainer or physician and refer all athletes with
an injury, which indicates the need to see a physician, first to our team physician’s group
and ensuring that all referrals be assigned by LJISD trainers.
7. Take responsibility for the use of therapeutic modalities, under the physician’s and
coordinating trainer’s direction, in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.
8. Communicate with parents, physicians, and coaches concerning injured athletes and keep
the injured athlete’s coach informed of the athlete’s playing or practice status.
9. Determine the athlete’s return to practice or playing status, following an athletic injury.
(Return may also be determined by team physician).
10. Supervise scheduled varsity athletic events involving their teams at central sites and at
home sub- varsity athletic events as directed by the Athletic Coordinator, Trainer, and
11. Initiate and process all athletic injury claims and medical statements for payment.
12. Travel with all teams that advance into the playoffs, unless ruled otherwise by the
Athletic Coordinator.
13. Procure athletic physicals, parent approvals, insurance information, and doctor referrals
for each athlete participating in every sport.
14. Document incidents and maintain records involving athletic injuries, referrals to
physicians, and treatments given on a daily basis.
15. Verify medical bills for payment.
16. Go to approved in-service programs, clinics, symposiums, and conventions for athletic
training license.
17. Follow district lettering requirements and require signatures from both athletes and
parents to document that they have been notified.
18. Schedule weekly visitation to feeder middle schools for evaluations of injuries and
recommendations of treatment.
19. Work directly with high school coordinators to complete any tasks deemed necessary to
enhance the athletic program at that particular campus.
20. Maintain high level of cleanliness at all central sites (i.e. dressing rooms-ISD Stadium
BB/SB Complex).
21. Understand and follow the rules and regulations set forth by all governing agencies
including, but not limited to: UIL, TEA, National Federation Governing Associations, Board
Education, and the school administration.
22. Perform other duties related to the athletic program, as stipulated by LJISD.
EVALUATION: By High School Principal and Athletic Director
Mental Demands:
Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written); interpret policy and procedures; maintain
emotional control under stress.
Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Frequent district-wide and occasional statewide travel; occasional prolonged and irregular hours.
All applications must be submitted on line for professional and clerical positions to the
La Joya I.S.D. Office of Human Resources Department. (
Shift Type Full-Time
Salary Range $52,150.00 / Per Year
Location Palmview High School
Applications Accepted
Start Date 06/10/2021
Job Contact

Edwin Gomez LAT, LMT

Palmview High School

Athletic Trainer

Cell: 956-862-7615

Office: 956-519-5779 ext 4701

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