Athletic Trainer – Gonzales ISD 6/27

June 27th, 2022

Gonzales ISD

Primary Purpose:

Athletic Trainer – Gonzales ISD

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Athletic Training Services: The management and provision of care of injuries to a physically active person as defined in the state practice act with the direction of a licensed physician. The term includes the rendering of emergency care, development of injury prevention programs and providing appropriate preventative and devices for the physically active person. The term also includes the assessment, management, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of the physically active person whose conditions are within the professional preparation and education of a certified athletic trainer. The term also includes the use of modalities such as mechanical stimulation, heat, cold, light, air, water, electricity, sound, massage and the use of therapeutic exercises, reconditioning exercise and fitness programs.


  1. Bachelor’s degree,
  2. Licensed by the State of Texas as an Athletic Trainer, ATC preferred

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Maintain appropriate general treatment orders to be reviewed annually and approved by the team physician.
  2. Provide athletic training services for all assigned home athletic contests.
  3. Act as liaison between family physicians and specialists, the school district, athletes and their


  4. Maintain accurate records of injuries, treatments and provide insurance claim forms for

    sports injuries treated by a physician.

  5. Schedule and be present for pre-participation sports physicals.
  6. Provide the coaches and athletic director with a list of athletes medically eligible to compete

    under district and state rules and regulations.

  7. Assist the head athletic trainer as requested.
  8. Teach Sports Medicine 1 course.

Working Conditions:

Possible lifting, bending, walking, kneeling, stretching, and stooping. Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. Need to have the ability to handle high amounts of stress. Also, exposed to climate conditions such as but not limited to heat, rain, sleet, snow, and cold temperatures. Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written); interpret policy, procedures, and data; maintain emotional control under stress.

E-Mail Resume to: Joey Rivera @ Apply at: Gonzales ISD Human Resources Page

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