Athletic Trainer – BSW Rehab AT for Fed Ex at Alliance Airport Fort Worth 9/1

September 1st, 2021

BSW Rehab AT for Fed Ex at Alliance Airport Fort Worth

Pay is based off of years of experience. Any questions please email Kathryn Womochel

Job ID: 171248

BSW Rehab AT for Fed Ex at Alliance Airport Fort Worth



Monday- Off

Tuesday Overnight- 6:30pm till 4:00am

Wednesday Overnight- 6:30pm till 4:00am

Thursday Overnight Shift – 6:30pm till 4:00am

Friday Twilight Shift- 4:00pm till 9:00pm

Saturday Day Shift- 8:00am till 3:00pm

Sunday- OFF

Opportunity for extra event coverage for extra pay.

Job Duties

Injury Triage and First Aid (early detection, advanced first aid application and education for all musculoskeletal complaints and of pain and discomfort that occur at the facility)

  • Assess individuals that present with c/o soft tissue discomfort
  • Triage individuals presenting with c/o soft tissue discomfort for medical care of first aid management
  • Follow OSHA first aid guidelines
  • Return to work with or without protective limitations discussed with employee’s supervisor
  • Referred to Occupational Health provider if appropriate following discussion with supervisor.
  • Monitor progress and communicate progress of all individuals to the individuals supervisor and safety manager.
  • Provide weekly reports to Lead AT
  • Assessment, triage and management of non-work related musculoskeletal discomfort as directed by site manager.

Injury Prevention/Job Site Observations

  • Job analysis
    • Assess work tasks and identify potential risk factors.
    • Document specific high risk movement patterns, body positions and other hazards
    • Provide recommendations for changes that will address and mitigate observed risks
    • Educational interactions with employees on the line with the goal of increasing awareness to observed risks
  • Behavioral safety audit
    • Periodic observations and documentation of work performance
    • Action plans based on observed performance deficits
  • Job Coaching (employee development and monitoring of transfer, light duty and injured employees
    • Reintegrate injured worker back into job responsibilities
    • Make individual aware of high risks tasks and how to avoid or manage tasks
  • Weekly communication to District Safety Specialist and Lead AT describing all coaching activity
  • Training/education on injury prevention and wellness presentations

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