Assistant Athletic Trainer – Goose Creek Memorial High School 6/8

June 9th, 2022

Goose Creek Memorial High School

Goose Creek Memorial HS, GCCISD Assistant Athletic Trainer


The athletic trainer and assistant athletic trainer work with the head coach of each sport as assigned by the athletic director and campus coordinator to provide medical assistance to athletes. He/she is responsible for the care and treatment, or referring to a physician for treatment, of all athletic injuries sustained while participating in the athletic program(s) as designated. He/she is responsible to the high school campus coordinator, campus principal, and district athletic directors.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Valid license from Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers
  • CPR/AED instructor certified
  • Texas teaching certification preferred
  • TSATA Sports Medicine Instructor preferred
  • BOCATC certification preferred


    Teacher Pay Scale: $9,000 Stipend + 13 Days
    Please send resume/cover letter to the following in one email:, GCCISD Athletic Director Goose Creek Memorial Head Athletic Trainer Goose Creek Memorial Campus Coordinator, GCCISD Assistant Athletic Goose Creek Memorial Principal

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  1. Treat all minor injuries
  2. Work under the direction of team physician in the treatment of major injuries
  3. Keep a record of all injuries
  4. Keep a written record of all treatment administered
  5. Keep on file physical examination reports signed by physicians
  6. Obtain all information about family insurance
  7. Keep athletic office informed about major injuries/surgeries
  8. Approve all medical and hospital bills when applicable
  9. Is responsible for working with and developing the proper relationship with team physicians,

    coaches, athletes, and family of injured athletes.

  10. Responsible for working with and developing the proper relationship with the athletes
    1. Addressed respectfully (Mr./Mrs./Coach)
    2. Displays signs on the walls of what is expected
    3. Develops training room rules
    4. Develops rules for student trainers
  11. Develop as many student trainers as possible. Develop a daily, weekly, or monthly work schedule for all student trainers.
  12. Plans consistent and continuous efforts to maintain good relations between home and school
  13. Always contacts parents to give extent of injury – keeps parents informed
  14. Communicates with the physician about injuries
  15. Recognizes that the team physician has the final say concerning an athlete’s physical ability to


  16. Ensures that parents understand policies concerning injury, medical payment, insurance

    coverage, and the team physician concept

  17. Report any playing hazard found on practice or playing fields
  18. Keep inventory of all athletic supplies
  19. Prepare annual requests for new and additional training supplies to be submitted to the athletic


  20. Attends all home sporting events and out of town varsity events as assigned
  21. Treat injuries of students in all sports with equal enthusiasm
  22. Strives to maintain a close harmonious working relationship with coaches and athletes of all


  23. Keeps on file medicate certificate and parents’ permit for all high school athletes
  24. Schedules and help administer physical examinations for athletes in all high school sports when


  25. Distributes student athletic insurance forms to assigned high school and junior schools and

    assist student athlete insurance claims at the high school

  26. Will arrange for a team physician to be present at all varsity games, if possible
  27. Performs other duties that may be assigned by the campus coordinator and athletic director
  28. Assist campus coordinator and athletic director with bids, specifications, equipment, supply

    purchases, and repair of equipment


To apply for this job email your details to