Assistant Athletic Trainer – Galveston ISD 6/23

June 23rd, 2022

Galveston ISD

This position will mainly be at Central Middle School with occasional help with Ball High School and Galveston College. Apply online at and email resume to

Primary Purpose:

The Assistant Athletic Trainer shall function under the direction of the head athletic trainer , athletic coordinator, and athletic director. Besides the duties outlined under assistant coach, the additional duties listed below will be followed.



Bachelor’s degree
Valid license from Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers
Current adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification

Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of therapeutic modalities and injury prevention
to provide emergency care and rehabilitation for student athletic injuries Ability to instruct and supervise student athletes and assistants
Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills


Three years experience as an athletic trainer

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Illness/Injury Prevention and Treatment

1. Work towards prevention of athletic injuries:

  1. Assist with identifying injury and/or illness risk factors associated with participation in

    athletic activities.

  2. Administer taping, wrapping, padding, bandaging, bracing and splinting as needed for

    prevention and protection of athletic injuries.

  3. Assist with ensuring appropriate training and conditioning of student-athletes prior,

    during, and after competitive athletic seasons.

  4. Assist coaches with the selection and proper fitting of protective equipment.
  5. Work with the administration and coaching staff to reduce and control environmental


  1. Evaluate and rehabilitate athletic injuries:
    1. Conduct a thorough initial clinical evaluation of injuries and/or illnesses commonly

      sustained by the competitive student-athlete.

    2. Making assessments of athletic injuries and/or illness for the primary purposes of:
      1. (i)  Administering proper first aid and emergency care.
      2. (ii)  Making appropriate referrals to physicians for diagnosis and medical


    3. Assist with planning and implementing a comprehensive rehabilitation and/or

      reconditioning program in cooperation with physician(s) for injuries and/or illnesses

      sustained by the competitive athlete.

    4. Demonstrate strong clinical skills through concise written communication on daily

      treatments and injury reports, knowledgeable and skillful in the use of modalities, knowledgeable in the use of the athletic training room supplies.

  2. First aid and emergency care :
    1. Providing appropriate first aid and emergency care for acute athletic injuries and/or

      Illnesses according to accepted standards of American Red Cross, American Heart

      Association, or equivalent.

    2. Referring injured and/or ill athletes to appropriate medical/paramedical personnel for

      evaluation and/or diagnosis and follow-up care.

    3. Coordinating and/or assist with the coordination of on-the-spot emergency care

      procedures and transportation of injured athletes if needed.

  3. Professional attitude and behavior by:
    1. Demonstrating appropriate standards for an educator and a health care provider, including


    2. Demonstrates a strong work ethic by showing an initiative to look and get things done,

      fairness towards others, cooperative, and overall positive attitude.

    3. Remaining current in the area of sports medicine by attending local, state, and national


    4. Demonstrate flexibility with changes in work setting.
    5. Maintains a helpful and cooperative relationship with student-athletes, student assistants,

      coaches, and administrators.

  4. Support education and counseling:
    1. Assist with providing health care information and counseling to student-athletes, parents,

      and coaches on matters pertaining to the physical, psychological, and emotional health

      and well being of the student athlete.

    2. Assist with recruiting and training students to assist with the duties and responsibilities of


      student assistants to assist coaches.

    3. Demonstrate ability to communicate to student-athletes, parents, and coaches verbally

      with relation to the athletic training room environment.

    4. Provides constructive rather than destructive criticism and offers encouragement to

      student assistants and student-athletes.

  5. Organization and Administration
    a. Assist with planning, coordinating, and supervising all administrative components of the

    athletic program includes those pertaining to:

    1. (i)  Health care services (physical examinations and screening, first aid and

      emergency care, follow-up, and rehabilitation.)

    2. (ii)  Inventory and budget allocation (inventory due February 1 each year.)
    3. (iii)  Athletic training room management (orderly and clean.)

(iv) Personnel management (supervise student athletic trainers, making sure they adhere to the district’s athletic policy.)

  1. Assist with maintaining all of the medical records that pertain to the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of the student-athletes.
  2. Assist with the coordination and provision of medical coverage for all practices and home sporting events.
  3. Participate and support the booster club and community events.
  4. Perform other duties assigned by the head athletic trainer, athletic coordinator, and

    athletic director.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Equipment Used:

Exercise equipment and devices including stationary bike, pulleys, weights, whirlpool, paraffin bath, ultrasound equipment, and cold packs.

Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Continual walking and standing; moderate lifting and carrying; stooping, bending, kneeling, and reaching. Work outside (exposure to sun, heat, cold, and inclement weather) and inside. Exposure to biological hazards, bacteria, and communicable diseases. Frequent districtwide and statewide travel; frequent prolonged and irregular hours.

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