Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the TSATA?

Your TSATA dues are automatically paid if you paid your NATA dues. If you are not a member of the NATA, you can join the TSATA by clicking here.

Why should I join the TSATA?

The TSATA is the voice of the Texas athletic trainer. We are the only association that is dedicated to serve the best interests of Texas athletic trainers. By joining the TSATA, you also become one of the many whose voices carry weight throughout the State as a proponent for the safety and well-being of athletes and the physically active citizens of Texas.

The TSATA needs all eligible licensed athletic trainers in Texas to be members. Each member that joins makes us a little stronger. Legislators and other groups pay attention when they see a high number of constituents standing together. When eligible members don’t join, it limits our resources to do the work of promoting the athletic training profession – your profession. Membership fees are only $50.

Your membership allows the TSATA to:

  • provide an Executive Director to be available to members for assisting with their questions and concerns. The Executive Director, Spanky Stephens, is consistently in Austin developing relationships with governmental agencies, legislators, and corporate sponsors to better our professional image and status. Spanky also represents the TSATA at national, regional, and local events.
  • provide a lobbyist, HillCo Partners, to deal with legislators, and other lobbyists to provide services that are needed to protect our license, ability to practice, and standing in the medial community.
  • maintain a Governmental Affairs Taskforce that develops strategies and information for establishing relationships with each member’s representative and senator.
  • support a Board of Regional Directors that address specific issues that affect our profession and our members. Every region has an equal voice in all matters of interest, no matter how small or largely populated it might be.
  • provide a website,, to allow the flow of information from the leadership of the organization to its members. We also provide a free position vacancy service to allow the advertising of athletic trainers’ positions for those in the job market.
  • provide a liaison to the UIL to ensure the concerns of athletic trainers in the secondary school setting are heard.

What does the TSATA do for its members?

  • The mission of the TSATA is to promote, enhance, and advance the athletic training profession in the state of Texas. In accomplishing the mission, the TSATA represents the common interests of athletic trainers, in all practice settings, to the professional organizations, governmental agencies, and the Texas Legislature
  • monitors all relevant legislation affecting athletic trainers and the well-being and safety of athletes and physically active citizens in Texas
  • develops and maintains a “seat at the table” with relevant stakeholders
  • educates the public regarding the benefit of extending athletic training services to all athletes and physically active individuals in the state of Texas
  • promotes athletic training throughout the State of Texas
  • enhances the athletic health care services and opportunities available for the athletes and physically active citizens of Texas
  • provides regional representation for members
  • publicly recognizes the efforts of athletic trainers who provide athletic health care services to the athletes and physically active citizens of Texas

How does the TSATA differ from other professional organizations (i.e. NATA, SWATA, CTATS, etc.)?

While there are many other professional athletic training organizations, the TSATA is the only association “by Texas athletic trainers, about Texas athletic trainers, and for Texas athletic trainers”. The TSATA serves as the voice of the Texas athletic trainers. As the State association, the TSATA is uniquely positioned to promote, enhance, and advance the athletic training profession in the state of Texas.

The TSATA differs from the Advisory Board of Athletic Training in that the Advisory Board is the governing body over the athletic trainers’ license and legal ability to practice athletic training in the state of Texas.

SWATA is the regional association for the NATA and consists of members from both Arkansas and Texas. The NATA is the national association for athletic trainers. Neither SWATA nor the NATA have the TSATA’s ability to directly affect the profession of athletic training or the safety and well-being of athletes and the physically active citizens in the state of Texas.

How do I get involved with the TSATA?

Join! Volunteer by contacting a Board of Directors member or task force chair to express your interest in helping the TSATA accomplish it’s goals. Make your voice heard and be willing to get involved when called upon. The BOD is always looking for people who have a desire to give their time and knowledge to help the TSATA achieve its goals. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, be it with the Governmental Affairs, Secondary Schools, College and University, or Industrial and Clinical Emerging Practices task forces.