Constitution & By-Laws

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Download the TSATA By-Laws

Below, you may read the TSATA Constitution:6/11/02



Section 1.1
The name of the association will be the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association.


Section 2.1
To own, operate, and maintain an association exclusive to the promotion, enhancement, and advancement of the athletic training profession.
Section 2.2
To do what is proper and necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes set forth in the statement of principles adopted by the founders of the constitution.
Section 2.3
To promote the above stated aims and purposes, to advance the interests of the membership by all legitimate means.
Section 2.4
Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association will not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by a non-profit organization. No part of the net earnings of TSATA shall insure to the benefit of any private member or individual.


Section 3.1
The class of membership will be outlined in the association by-laws.
Section 3.2
All voting rights, other rights, interests and privileges of each member will be outlined in the by-laws.
Section 3.3
The rights and privileges of members, their liability for dues and assessment, and the termination and transfer of membership will be as stated in the by-laws.

Governing Body

Section 4.1
The governing body of the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association will be a Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) members, one from each region of the state. The qualifications, the time and manner of election, the terms, and the manner of filling vacancies will be set forth in the by-laws.
Section 4.2
The Board of Directors will consist of: the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and remaining six (6) members.
Section 4.3
The nine (9) regions will be outlined in the by-laws.


Section 5.1
The Board of Directors will select an Executive Director to serve the TSATA.
Section 5.2
Elected officers: The officers of the association will include a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer. Other offices and officers may be established or appointed by the members of the association at the annual meeting. Qualifications, time and manner of electing officers, terms of office, and the manner for removal of officers will be set forth in the by-laws.


Section 5.3
Standing committees: This association will include, but not be limited to, three standing committees: Governmental Affairs, UIL, and Public Relations.
Section 5.4
The Board of Directors may elect annually from within itself any specialized committee deemed necessary, each consisting of three (3) individuals, to conduct the business of the TSATA.


Section 6.1
Licensed and retired members, in good standing with the association, are entitled to one (1) vote on any matter that is presented to the membership for an official decision.
Section 6.2
A quorum for voting or elections at the annual meeting will consist of members present or the number of eligible ballots submitted by mail.
Section 6.3
All voting for association matters will be conducted during the regular business meeting or by mail ballot.
Section 6.4
Mail ballots: The period of time between distribution and return of voting ballots must exceed four (4) weeks.

Amendment to Articles

Section 7.1
Any member in good standing may submit proposed change of amendment(s) to the constitution accompanied with a list of seventy five (75) voting members’ signatures in support of the change.
Section 7.2
All proposed amendments to the constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Vice-Chair eight weeks prior to the annual meeting.
Section 7.3
Proposed amendments must pass a majority vote of the Board of Directors to be placed before the membership.
Section 7.4
The proposed amendment(s) shall be presented to the membership no less than one month before the annual business meeting.
Section 7.5
Proposed amendment(s) changes must have a majority vote of the membership present or the returned mail ballots.
Section 7.6
Approved amendment(s) changes will become a part of the constitution upon approval of the membership.

Amendment to the By-laws

Section 8.1
Any member in good standing may submit a proposed change to the by-law(s) accompanied by a list of thirty-five (35) voting members’ signatures.
Section 8.2
All proposed amendments to the by-laws shall be submitted in writing with rationale of change to the Vice-Chair no less than eight (8) weeks before the annual meeting.
Section 8.3
Proposed amendment(s) to the by-laws must be approved by a 2/3 vote the Board of Directors.
Section 8.4
Approved by-laws(s) changes will become a part of the by-laws upon approval of the Board of Directors.