2017 – 2022 Sports Medicine I and II Approval Announcement

June 9th, 2017

2017-2022 TEA Sports Medicine I and II Approval

I am happy to announce the official approval for Sports Medicine I and II for 2017-2102. The TEA contact person is listed below. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Dennis Hart, Sports Medicine Course Coordinator



Award of Credit

The courses have been reapproved for one credit each. Please note that innovative courses may fulfill state graduation elective credit only and are not approved to substitute for any other state graduation requirements.


The PEIMS course codes previously assigned to the course will remain the same. This information will also be available in list of approved courses on the Innovative Courses page.


Additional information

If you have further questions regarding this course, please contact Kelsey King at TEA.


Kelsey Kling

Curriculum Standards and Student Support

Texas Education Agency

P: 512-463-9581, F: 512-463-8057