Welcome to the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association (TSATA). The TSATA was created to own, operate, and maintain an association exclusive to the promotion, enhancement, and advancement of the athletic training profession and of the association’s members. The TSATA is “by Texas athletic trainers, about Texas athletic trainers, and for Texas athletic trainers” and strives to serve as the voice of athletic trainers in Texas.

4th Annual West Texas Sports Medicine Competition

4rd Annual West Texas Sports Medicine Competition

Hosted by:
 Hereford ISD Sports Medicine Program

TIME: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Open & Closing Testing Times)

DATE: April 5, 2017

WHERE: Competition will be held online and test site link and access codes will be emailed on the morning of April 5th to athletic trainer/sponsor.

FEE: $5.00 per student

INVITED: All high school students actively involved in a Sports Medicine or Athletic Training program are invited.


  •  The competition will be based on current sports medicine/athletic training texts and curriculum. It will be a 150 question multiple choice test that the student will take online.
  •  Participants must be preregistered by March 3rd and will receive a study guide, to prepare students for the event.
  •  Participants must have access to a computer lab or laptops on the day of the event and sponsoring athletic trainers from each school need to submit 10 questions for the test bank.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime via text or email

NATA GAC Legislative Grant Program

You could win FREE SWATA registration!!!

For every $10 in donations you make to the TSATA for the NATA’s GAC matching grant initiative, you will be entered for a drawing to win FREE SWATA registration.* (see details below).

The NATA’s Governmental Affairs Council (GAC) has initiated a legislative grant program that offers to match up to $4,000 of TSATA member donated or generated funds for governmental affairs. To be eligible, funds must be donated by TSATA members, or through events organized and supported by TSATA members. The purpose of the matching grant is to complement the investment of members in their legislative and regulatory efforts.  The SWATA Executive Board has graciously granted a FREE SWATA registration for SWATA 2017.

The TSATA maintains an active legislative agenda annually, keeping the services of Hillco Partners on retainer. Currently the TSATA has expenses nearing $22,000 for our legislative agenda and other services of Hillco Partners. Some of the recent and current issues we are working on include: (a) working with the TEA to recognize the Licensure of Athletic Trainers in Chapter 21 in TEA Code; (b) working with legislators in the upcoming legislative session; (d) hosting a “hit the hill” state lobbying and LAT recognition day; (e) continuing to work with the UIL to introduce legislation and guidelines on student-athlete safety measures.

YOU can help the TSATA support Texas LAT’s by donating to the governmental grant program via the PayPal link or by mailing a check or money order to:

c/o Spanky Stephens
1676 Coushatte Rd
Bellville, TX 77418

When sending a check or money order, please specify that the funds are for the GAC matching grant. Please be sure to include your name and which region of the TSATA you are from for record keeping purposes.

*Additional details:
• For every $10 you make in donations, you will receive one entry for the drawing. A $10 donation gets you one entry for the drawing, $20 gets you two entries, $30 gets you three entries, etc.
Donations must be received by 5:00pm on Sunday, March 12, 2017.
• Donations are not refundable.
• Must be a current member of the TSATA to win.
• Membership dues do not substitute for or count as donations.
• Limited to the first 500 entries.
• One winner will be decided by a random drawing from all entries conducted by a third party.
• Members of the TSATA Board of Directors or SWATA Executive board are not eligible to win the free registration.


TSATA NATA Matching Grant (2017)

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