TSATA Summer BOD Meeting

The 2014 Summer Board of Directors meeting will take place Wednesday July 16, 2014 at the Embassy Suites Comanche Room in Frisco, Texas. This is an open meeting an members are welcomed to attend.

TEA Clarifies Requirements for Sports Medicine Course Instructors

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, Spanky Stephens, Dennis Hart, and David Anderson met with Texas Education Agency Associate Commissioner for Standards & Programs Monica Martinez, Managing Director of Curriculum Shelly Ramos, Chief Legal Counsel David A. Anderson, and Deputy Chief Legal Counsel Von Byer.
The meeting was requested to discuss the recent TEA determination regarding the certification requirements for instructors of the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association’s Sports Medicine I, II, and III courses. That determination was that instructors for those three state approved innovative courses are required to have a valid teaching certificate, beginning in the 2014-15 school year. The TSATA leadership requested reconsideration of the ruling, which led to this meeting.

During the meeting, the TEA staff outlined the two options for a Licensed Athletic Trainer to teach any of the three innovative courses:
1) The LAT must hold a valid teaching certificate.
2) The LAT must hold a School District Teacher Permit issued by the school district that employs the LAT, per the provisions of the Texas Education Code, Chapter 21, Section 21.055.
In the conversation, Chief Counsel David A. Anderson and Managing Director of Curriculum, Shelly Ramos, noted that School District Teacher Permit option was simple and straight-forward. Both anticipated that the applications would be approved by the Commissioner, consistent with the existing review and approval process. There are no repercussions or penalties from TEA for school districts that utilize this option. School districts have always had the authority to require the LAT to have a valid teacher certification before the district assigned the LAT to teach the Sports Medicine I, II, and/or III courses.
After consideration of the situation, a final appeal to the Commissioner of Education was considered. Staff in that office indicated that the Commissioner would uphold the decision of the Chief Counsel on teacher certification.

The TSATA recommends all certified instructors of the TSATA Sports Medicine I, II, and III courses who DO NOT CURRENTLY HOLD a valid teaching certificate initiate the process to obtain the District Teaching Permit. The application is available on the TEA Website at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index2.aspx?id=2147500508&cmsMode=Preview.
For a school district to offer the TSATA Sports Medicine I, II, and/or III Innovative Courses, the instructor shall:
1) Be a licensed athletic trainer.
2) Have completed the Sports Medicine Instructor’s Curriculum Course.

The TSATA website contains additional information on the courses and training.

The TEA contact person for all innovative courses, and specifically for the Sports Medicine courses, is:
Debbie Gonzales
Program Coordinator
Curriculum Division
Texas Education Agency
phone: (512) 463-9581
email: debbie.gonzales@tea.state.tx.us

Ms. Gonzales and Chief Legal Counsel David A. Anderson will provide a letter, supported by the Commissioner of Education that explains and supports the District Teaching Permit option for Sports Medicine Course Instructors.

For additional information on this issue from TSATA, contact:
Dennis Hart
TSATA Sports Medicine Instructors’ Course, Coordinator
Spanky Stephens
TSATA Exective Director

TSATA Official Statement on “Friday Night Tykes”

Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association Official Statement On ‘Friday Night Tykes’

In support of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association statement from January 2014, the TSATA would like to additionally comment regarding this issue. In Texas, as across the country, athletic trainers work hard to keep athletes safe at all levels of competition. Player safety is first and foremost in each healthcare provider’s mind, and the TSATA is also deeply disappointed with the Esquire Network’s decision to air a show that demonstrates such recklessness and disdain for safety. The television show ‘Friday Night Tykes’ undermines the great efforts athletic trainers make in communities across the country to provide excellent healthcare and safety. It is our hope that media will use its platform to positively influence youth sports through proper education, portrayal of safe sports environments for all children, and raising awareness for the employment of athletic trainers in all settings to care for the needs of student athletes.

February 3, 2014

NATA’s Governmental Affairs Council (GAC) offers matching grant program

The NATA’s Governmental Affairs Council (GAC) has initiated a legislative grant program that offers to match up to $4,000 of TSATA member donated or generated funds for governmental affairs. To be eligible, funds must be donated by TSATA members, or through events organized and supported by TSATA members. The purpose of the matching grant is to complement the investment of members in their legislative and regulatory efforts. Read on…