Master of Science in Athletic Training Degree – Tarleton State University

Tarleton State University is proud to announce its new

Entry-level Master of Science in Athletic Training degree!


The first cohort will start in July 2016.  Applications are being accepted!

Only one spot remains open.


Please see website for further information.



Athletic Trainer Licensing and Regulation Board Members Announced

Athletic Trainer Licensing and Regulation Board Members

Chair – David Weir – term expires 2019

Member – Dr. David Schmidt – term expires 2017

Member – Darrell “Red” Ganus – term expires 2021

Member – Briteny Webb – term expires 2021

Athletic Trainer Licensing and Regulation Now Under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Senate Bill 202, enacted by the 84th Texas Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott, transfers responsibility for the licensing and regulation of athletic trainers from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). March 2016 is the target date for the complete transfer of this program from DSHS to TDLR.

As part of this transfer TDLR is accepting applications for the new Athletic Trainers Advisory Board until September 11, 2015. The Advisory Board will provide guidance to our agency’s officials on industry best practices and will recommend scope of practice rules for adoption by the . Advisory Board members will be appointed by the Commission chair with approval of the Commission.

Be sure to check out the TDLR website New Programs page to get the most up-to-date information about the new Athletic Trainer program. You can also sign up for email notices to get updates on the program and TDLR information.


Who We Are

TDLR licenses and regulates businesses, individuals, industries, facilities, equipment, and occupations to ensure that Texans are served by qualified, competent professionals. We strive to apply clear, consistent standards for all of our licensees, provide exceptional customer service, and keep fees and costs low. At TDLR, we are guided every day by our seven Core Values. Read more about our Compact with Texans.


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CNS Vital Signs Concussion Testing Program

Contact: Dexter Morgan dmorgan@cnsvs.com

For Immediate Release


Allows all athletes a continuum of care, where healthcare providers may use school accounts to test for free as well

Research Triangle Park, NC April 15, 2015-Responding to growing public health concerns surrounding concussions and concussion management for student athletes, Concussion Vital Signs, an online neurocognitive testing platform designed to integrate with concussion management protocols, announced today it will provide its services at no cost to any school, college or university.

The free testing program was pre-announced during the third Matthew Gfeller Neurotrauma Symposium (http://tbicenter.unc.edu/), held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on March 6, 2015. Following the symposium, Kevin Guskiewicz, one of the nation’s leading concussion researchers, said the testing program could serve as an important cost-effective assessment tool for clinicians.

“As researchers in this field, our mission is to improve concussion prevention, evaluation, and management,” said Guskiewicz. “My fellow researchers and I have endeavored to place clinically viable, valid, and affordable tools in the hands of trained medical providers for almost two decades. We have long advocated for the use of computerized neurocognitive testing as one piece of the clinician’s concussion toolbox, and have used many test software platforms in our clinical and research initiatives. Limited fiscal resources are often a barrier to including cognitive testing as part of a multi-faceted concussion management program. It will be exciting to see how the recent announcement by Concussion Vital Signs might change the landscape.”

Dale Folwell, former NC House Speaker Pro Tem and current NC Assistant Secretary of Commerce, added, “We are proud that a North Carolina company has the foresight and desire to try and address a public health issue that for years went unrecognized. We passed the Gfeller – Waller Concussion Act several years ago to help better address sports related concussion. This announcement allows schools a new level of care.”

“Going forward, concussion testing will not depend on what zip code you live in or the fiscal or budgetary constraints of the school system,” stated Alan Boyd, CEO of CNS Vital Signs, the parent company of Concussion Vital Signs. “We hope this small act contributes to the public good and elevates awareness as well as the safety of all student athletes. It is important that there is a continuum of care from baseline testing through post injury so that any qualified healthcare provider will be able to administer post injury testing via the school account.”

As of April 15, 2015, any school, college or university can sign up at www.concussionvitalsigns.com for their free online account, which offers baseline and post injury neurocognitive testing as well as patient reported questionnaires.

ABOUT CNS VITAL SIGNS: CNS Vital Signs is a leading provider of computerized neurological and psychological testing throughout the world. Products include CNS Vital Signs, Concussion Vital Signs and Cognitrax. The application is available in over 60 languages and supports a diverse set of customers, spanning academic and pharmaceutical research to private practice. The company offers its tools in both web and local running formats allowing testing in any computerized environment. For more information, please visit www.cnsvs.com