Committees & Task Forces

How to Volunteer for a Committee

If you are interested in volunteering for service on a TSATA committee please let us know. You can simply fill out the volunteer form available on this website and submit it to the TSATA to get started. Your information will be kept on file and you will be contacted as positions become available. Please fill out the volunteer form.

Board of Directors

The TSATA is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) in cooperation with an Executive Director. The BOD are Texas Licensed Athletic Trainers (LATs) that are elected to serve as representatives from each of the State’s nine regions.

Region Zip Codes Name Phone City
Executive Director Spanky Stephens 866-886-1688 Bellville
1 79855-79968 Richard Hansen 915-276-3004 El Paso
2 79601-79772 John Overton 432-264-5048×8208 Big Springs
3 79001-79549 Mark “Buzz” Chisum 806-742-5111 Lubbock
4 75001-75409
& 76000-76451
Scott Galloway – Chair 469-446-0178 Desoto
5 75428-75965 Darrell “Red” Ganus – Vice Chair 903-918-8517 Kilgore
6 77001-77710 Bubba Wilson 832-527-4051 Houston
7 76462-76834
& 77801-77861
Billy Ray Laxton 254-724-9585 Temple
8 77901-78000,
& 78602-78801
Brian Farr – Secretary/Treasurer 512-471-9885 Austin
9 78332-78599
& 788020-78999
Terry Greenup 361-362-6000 Beeville
Britney Webb – Parliamentarian 512-245-7897 San Marcos

Member & Public Relations Task Force

The mission of the Texas State Athletic Trainers Association Public Relations Committee is to continue and to build on the efforts of TSATA to promote, enhance and advance the profession of athletic training in Texas. To maintain communication with TSATA members, board members and committees as well as the public through all media sources in an effort to educate the public.

Region Zip Codes Name Phone City
Initiative Leader Shandra Esparza 830-534-9927 San Antonio
1 79855-79968 Toni Van De Puttee 800-688-3767 x258 San Marcos
2 79601-79772 John Overton 432-264-5048 x8208 Big Spring
3 79001-79549 Anthony Peppers 806-766-1460
4 75001-75409
& 76000-76451
Kyle Tribble Desoto
5 75428-75965 Dan Fuller 903-918-8517 Kilgore
6 77001-77710 Daniel F. Young 281-237-9270 Katy
7 76462-76834
& 77801-77861
Alex Olsen 254-709-4491 Waco
8 77901-78000,
& 78602-78801
Andi Green 512-268-8454 x7696 Hays
9 78332-78599
& 788020-78999
Shawn Osowski 956-698-1906 Brownsville

Texas Education Committee Curriculum Committee

The mission of the Texas State Athletic Trainers Texas Education Agency Curriculum committee is to actively establish a professional relationship with the Texas Education Agency and professional educational organizations for the purpose of recognizing the licensed athletic trainers of Texas as the experts in the prevention, care, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries occurring to individuals that participate in sports and fitness activities. This committee will develop the curriculums, and maintain the TEA approval status of the TSATA Sports Medicine Courses. The committee will develop and present the Sports Medicine Instructor Courses each year.

Member Phone Number
David Gish 512-757-1941
Ed Sunderland 405-974-5239
Britney Webb 512-618-9464
Traci Randermann 903-466-1029
Dennis Hart 214-632-4069

Industrial, Clinical, and Emerging Practices Taskforce

The mission of the Texas State Athletic Trainers Association Emerging Practices Taskforce is to promote the profession of athletic training in new, non-traditional employment settings. The committee will also act as a liaison for athletic trainers in these settings to give them a direct voice to the board of directors. Learn more about the ICE Taskforce.

Committee Member Name Phone Number
Jace Duke, Chair 832-247-6936
Diana Salter, Member 512-239-8919
George Young, Member 940-898-7311

TSATA Special Task Forces

 Task Force Initiative Leader Phone Number
Secondary Schools Rodney Murray 210-559-0183
Governmental Affairs Randy Matthews 325-212-9546
Web Site Bucky Taylor 214-755-2492

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